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Have a chat with GetClarity - Mayan Astrology and Vedic Astrology in Ivry-sur-Seine today. 5-10 years of practicing of Vedic Astrology. DO NOT MISS OUT ON THESE *SPECIAL OFFERS*: HAPPY HOUR ON Monday and Tuesday's 5pm-12pm UK time *If I am not online request an e-mail reading and I will give you a free angel number also plus a free horoscope for love and career within the next month! do NOT miss out! DON'T MISS OUT ON THESE AMAZING DEALS!. █▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀█ █░░╦─╦╔╗╦─╔╗╔╗╔╦╗╔╗░░█ █░░║║║╠─║─║─║║║║║╠─░░█ █░░╚╩╝╚╝╚╝╚╝╚╝╩─╩╚╝░░█ █▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄█ IF I AM NOT ONLINE PLEASE REQUEST AN E-MAIL READING FROM ME – I AM ONLINE ALL DAY AND CAN SOMETIMES RESPOND WITHIN 30 MINUTES. I DO PROMISE TO RESPOND TO ALL E-MAIL READINGS WITHIN 24 HOURS!! APART FROM READINGS WHICH WILL TAKE LONGWE (terms and conditions apply) ஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐ ❤ ♡❤ ♡ $1.99 for now and forever this is my promise - My mission is to act as your personal guardian angel so that you can enjoy life and let me worry about the finer details ❤ ♡❤ ♡ My name: NaturalPsychic Hello everyone. It is a pleasure for you to be reading my page. I am a Natural Psychic reader and I pick up on energies as well as using tarot cards to help aid me in my energy investigations. I tend to use the tarot cards at the beginning and the end of the readings to ensure that I am picking up on the correct information. Some of the people who I have done readings for use me as their guidance counsellor and connect with me more than once a week so that we can work as a team for me to help guide them through situations. ஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐ HERE IS WHAT OTHER MEMBERS HAVE SAID ABOUT ME: “Wanted to see if this girl had the gift. She does. Real deal hit me exactly and described the situation without flaw and was able to give me the advice I needed to hear to proceed. You will not waste money with her. Well spent " - FrankJ, D . Well that was the most detailed reading I have ever had, and very very intuitive and detailed. She was absolutely clear, precise and accurate and so helpful with guidance and suggestions. I think I have just found the best psychic on this site. Fantastic, you must get a reading with her she's truly amazing. - ikroyal NZ " Absolutely excellent reading once..... This lady was bob on with her perception of the men in my life and gave me so much hope for the future - hope the predictions come true..... Will most definitely have another reading with her x " - Kazzi819, Macclesfield .. I have an open mind and I am not only here to talk to you about your past, present and future but I am here to listen to see how my psychic abilities will enable you to grow stronger and make the right decisions about your life. ஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐ TOPICS I HAVE COVERED WITH CLIENTS: Love/relationship - I am usually 'spot on' with my perceptions of the readings I do. I have supported many people and their relationships are now backing on track. I am very honest with my predictions so if I feel that you shouldn't be with someone I will tell you to save you from being with the wrong person and potentially stopping you from meeting 'the one'. Career - I have been able to tell people if they have made the right decisions both from using my energies and the tarot cards. Please come to me before starting a new job because this will give me the ability to secure your future in the right place. Money - I am able to guide people through debt problems and issues they may be having that relate to money. As many people I have been through money issues so I know how imporant they are so please come to me and I can guide you through by using my natural energies, positive thinking and tarot cards to help you out of financial mess. Families - I have been able to predict pregnancies, weather it is the right time for people to adopt, guess the sex of the baby before they have been given their scan, draw on conclusions regarding if it is the right time in your life to be having a baby or not. Health - Ask me anything to do with health related issues and I will be able to give you guidance on the next steps. As I mentioned earlier I am very open minded so I am able to give you guidance on pretty much anything...If you don't feel comfortable talking to friends and family members about it, here is a non-judgemental figure waiting to guide you back to health. Angel Support - Need help and support please ask me about angels and I will tell you all I know on how they can guide you in life and in spirit. Look out for you and be there as a guidance when things seem to be going wrong. Ask me to help you figure out who your guardian angel is. I have special ways and means of connecting with these amazing spirits. I am willing to help with any problems so just come and speak to me - send me a private message - take me into private chat - e-mail readings - palm readings... If there is a topic I haven't covered I will be more than willing to help and answer further questions as and when requested. ஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐ WHAT INFORMATION I NEED FOR A PRIVATE READING: •FULL NAME •NAMES OF ANYONE ELSE INVOLVED •DATE OF BIRTH •DATE OF BIRTH OF ANYONE ELSE INVOLVED •MALE/FEMALE WHERE YOU ARE FROM ஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐ WHAT I NEED FOR AN E-MAIL READING: • As I am not talking to you properly I will need a little bit of background about you, the more information you can give me regarding your current situation the better in this case. I can usually get a connection from just a little bit of information but if I know what is going on I am able to give a better reading on how people are feeling and what the outcome is likely to be. •FULL NAME •FULL NAME OF ANYONE INVOLVED •DATE OF BIRTH •DATE OF BIRTH OF ANYONE INVOLVED •WHERE YOU ARE FROM • MALE/FEMALE ஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐ HOW MY READINGS WORK: Firstly I try and do a reading based on my natural ability to pick up energies. I give as much information as I can here and then we go to the Tarot cards to back up what I have been saying to you and also to see if we can pick any further guidance from the situation at hand. I then try and draw the reading to a conclusion and give advice where I can. I also give guidance angel for people to pray to and ask for guidance. ஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐ E-MAIL READINGS: My e-mail readings work in a similar way to my private chat readings. Within the e-mail reading you will get the following: •My natural instinct on your past present and future - This will be based on the energies i pick up on from the information you provide. •Three cards - this is usually past present and future but because some people do ask questions the three cards can be either past and present or present and future...based on the tense the question was asked in. •I will then provide advice, actions and a conclusion to the reading and give you angels which you can ask for guidance. TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Please Note: If I am away on holiday I will be unable to send e-mail readings back within 24 hours. If I am on holiday it will state at the top of my profile and my schedule will be blank. ஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐஐ RULES FOR CHAT: • Respect all other members views and opinions • Demo readings will be selected on a game I have created (Rules explained within the demo period) • I am not permitted to talk about death (unless it is someone who has passed away), drugs, any form of illegal activity, gambling, or anything which may be harmful to other people. • I can only answer questions with an extremely short answer in the free chat area • I am not permitted to answer yes and no questions • I cannot give Demo readings on request they have to be authorised by • I am always honest so only come into my room if you want to hear the truth • I am not permitted to talk about someone’s past if it is mentally damaging – If you wish to discuss this with me you must bring the subject up yourself. • Anyone under 18 must have parental consent to be in the room • I will ban and kick anyone from the room who is being abusive to myself or other members or breaks the rules stated above.

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